In 2000, Forum for a Better Hyderabad began as an avenue for environmentally-conscious individuals and organizations to come together and take decisive action with regards to the environment of Hyderabad. Ever since, it has been an active participant in the sustainable development of Hyderabad, addressing critical issues such as urban planning and development, preservation of water bodies, protection of forests and open spaces, traffic and transportation management, and maintenance of soil, water and air quality. Forum also takes a keen interest in the conservation of heritage structures, which it protects from threats that arise from rapid urbanization and unplanned growth. One of Forum’s primary roles is to bridge the information gap between past, present and future generations through the systematic study, analysis, classification, assessment and timely utilization of available resources for the betterment of society. As Forum’s mission coincides with the environmental goals of the Government of Telangana, it is actively involved in persuading the government to plan, implement and sustain positive developmental changes in the Hyderabad Metropolitan Region. Forum continues to pursue these issues through advocacy and educational programmes aimed at promoting community engagement in these sectors.